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Wedding Memento Framing, West Sussex

Your wedding is special, and it always will be.

bond-a-frame specialise in framing wedding mementoes and aim to offer only the best service. We have been proud to work with happy and satisfied customers from all across the country, including Hampshire, Surrey, London, Crawley, Southampton, East and West Sussex, Portsmouth and Emsworth to name a few, but really we offer our framing services nationwide!

Below, you’ll see a list of wedding mementoes we have framed:

  • Seating Plans Framing
  • Wedding Guest List Framing
  • Cake Decoration Framing
  • Dried Bouquets and Button Holes Framing
  • Wedding Invitation Framing
  • Wedding Photograph Framing
  • Wedding Menus Framing
  • Champagne Corks Framing
  • Order of Service Framing
  • Wedding Dress Framing

That’s right – we can even arrange wedding dress framing – because that special dress should be your pride and joy, mounted for all to see.

We have dealt with many requests of wedding dress framing in West Sussex, and it’s truly wonderful to keep that special wedding dress memory forever remembered in a frame.

All framing is carried out on our Chichester premises so your precious memories are never out of our hands.